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How to Buy Miami Real Estate Investment Properties Using Your IRA

Have you considered using your IRA to buy real estate investment properties? For those who like being in the driver’s seat, a significant plus is that self-directed IRAs give you more control than the Traditional or Roth IRA investment options, adding much-desired diversity to your holdings in alternative assets. 

If you would like to take advantage of these benefits, read on as we explore how to buy Miami real estate investment properties using your IRA. Please note that this article is for informational purposes, not financial or legal advice.


An advantage of this investment method is that the income from your rental properties is in a tax-deferred account. As a result, you will pay the taxes upon receiving the funds during retirement. Another plus of buying Miami real estate investment properties using your IRA is the lower tax brackets when qualified distributions start for the typical investor. However, there are strict regulations concerning self-dealing and investing in your or a close family member’s property. Another caveat is that the property purchase involves none of your funds. Instead, investors must fully fund the purchase from the IRA, so ensure you leave room for the unexpected. Professional buyers like those at Reivesti can help you take the proper steps as you assess potential investments and learn the trusted formula that real estate investors rely on every day to earn the highest returns. In addition, the professional buyers at Reivesti help investors make sound real estate investments within a comfortable working budget. 


The traditional or Roth IRA is for those who prefer a more hands-off approach to buying Miami real estate investment properties using your IRA to invest in REITs or real estate mutual funds. REITs are companies that procure and manage investment properties without any of the duties of a landlord falling onto the investor. Of course, there are pros and cons to REITs. Some of these disadvantages are the limited future potential income and the fact that you aren’t building equity. In addition, there are fewer tax benefits when investors select the traditional method. However, by working with professional buyers like those at Reivesti, you will have the advantage of their shared knowledge as guidance toward which option best suits your investment strategy and personal preferences. Talk to one of the professional buyers at Reivesti today and find out how easy it is to build a healthy real estate portfolio and look forward to your retirement with peace of mind.

Working with professional buyers at Reivesti is the best way to buy Miami real estate investment properties using your IRA. The professional buyers at Reivesti are active investors in the Miami real estate market. The professional buyers at Reivesti  keep a keen eye on local developments and national trends that help guide them to the most suitable investments among your options to select the one that will increase the return on their investment to the highest potential. And don’t forget to ask about our current inventory of listings here at Reivesti of the best investment properties available in Miami. Over the years, these seasoned pros have to build a team that performs with an investor’s mindset to save you time and money and help you make wise investments. Of course, the benefits of working with these experts are that you will also have access to our highly regarded property management team at Reivesti, who can help you with everything from tenant screening and placement to full-time on-site management. In addition, the professional buyers at Reivesti can help you understand how landlords benefit from happy tenants. Call Reivesti at (855) 644-1728.

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